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Our research, outreach, convenings and collaborative projects are designed to provide a forum for cross-sector players to access the information and tools they need to accelerate innovation in the field.  As an academic institution and a neutral convener of thought leaders, we share our output with the ecosystem.

Collaborative Projects

Caregiver Journey Map

In 2017, The AgingWell Hub led the process of creating a comprehensive and integrated journey map for those caring for loved ones with Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias. Multiple players in today’s health care system — a pharmaceutical company, health care provider, health-related technology provider, university, leading national nonprofits and more — came together to share expert knowledge and proprietary research as well as to develop the map from the perspective of consumers. In this case, the consumer is the unpaid family caregiver of an older adult with Alzheimer’s disease.

Proven Collaborative Success

Currently, the map is being used extensively in the field to identify opportunities to provide support and intervention for caregivers, and in turn, to benefit their care recipients. Because the map captures the 360-degree experience of individuals caring for a loved one, it has created and documented a common framework and terminology that is allowing cross-sector providers to:

  • Identify and prioritize areas where caregivers need support
  • Drive alignment and collaboration across various players within the healthcare and community services ecosystem
  • Inform the development of technology-enabled solutions to benefit caregivers as well as their care recipients

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Past Convenings

The Spoken Hub

The Spoken Hub: Creating Integrated Environments Conducive to Aging Well explored ideas for creating an ecosystem that is better equipped to provide for the needs of an aging population.

Featured guests:

  • Kimberly O’Loughlin, Senior Vice President, Business Development, Home Monitoring, Philips
  • Whitney Austin Gray, PhD, LEED AP, Senior Vice President, Business Development Delos; WELL Faculty, International WELL Building Institute
  • George Hennawi, MD, CMD, FACP, Director of Geriatrics, MedStar Good Samaritan Hospital; Medical Director, Center for Successful Aging; Medical Director, Future Care at Good Samaritan Nursing Center; Assistant Clinical Professor, University of Maryland

Key topics:

  • Need for collaborative efforts, both within and outside of the healthcare system, that will allow people to age in the place they call home, such as:
  • Solutions within the built space that utilize innovative design to create space that facilitate healthy living
  • Clinical and community supports that can enable and empower caregivers, making them an integral part of the care team so that they can better support patients

Whitney Austin Gray

Dr. George Hennawi

Aging and Technology: The Disconnect

Study from Global Social Enterprise (GSEI) and Philips


Next Generation Tech

The results of the Philips/GSEI study and the individual barriers to technology were discussed in an expert roundtable at Georgetown University. Meeting participants included thought leaders with expertise in aging, residential and commercial development, city planning, healthcare, technology, and policy.

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Creating Connected Communities for Aging Well

This study reveals that boomers are not considering steps to remain independent as they age. 96% of U.S. respondents say it’s important to be as independent as possible as they get older; only 21% plan to incorporate technology solutions.

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Family Matters in Caregiving and Technology Adoption

Our aging research shows caregivers already spend an average of 66 hours per month on basic home health care activities, and are so focused on their role as guardian for the care recipient that meeting basic needs for personal hygiene, food, safety, health, etc. all come before technology.

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