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Our work groups, roundtables, and convenings are designed to allow innovators to learn from others in the industry and to get new products and services to market faster.

2018 Events

April 9 and 10: Technology and Home-Based Care

The demographics of home-based care are daunting: there are significantly more people needing care than there are caregivers, and long-term, home-based care is rarely funded by payors. Yet our entire aging services system assumes that in-home care will expand to fill need gaps. How are innovative home-care providers evolving their businesses to address market realities? What should others in the industry know about the future of home-based care? This two-day symposium will combine workshops and panels to identify the challenges and potential solutions for applying technology to solving in-home care problems and improving quality of care.

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Working Groups and Initiatives

Caregivers: Our pioneering work in journey mapping the caregiver experience is expanding to include multiple scenarios and disease states.

  • Alzheimer’s Disease
  • Veterans Administration
  • Traumatic Brain Injury

Understanding the Costs of Long Term Care: In partnership with multiple data providers, we are leveraging a unique data set to build a suite of tools and applications that will give families and care delivery providers better insight into long term care costs, and inflection points at which caregivers can bend the cost curve to lower the cost burden.

The Future of Living Environments: A cross-sector group of Hub collaborators are partnering with us to develop a detailed, research-driven vision and journey map for how adults who are entering the older demographic will make decisions about their living environments over the next two decades, what the key elements of an ideal living environment will entail, and how the various elements of living well will need to come together to satisfy this rapidly growing group of aging Americans.